Support, feedback and bug report template

When sending us a support request, feedback or reporting a bug, please include as much information possible:

  1. Stýrikerfið sem þú ert að nota
  2. Útgáfa Tor-vafrans
  3. Öryggisstig Tor-vafrans
  4. Skref fyrir skref hvernig vandamálið kom upp, þannig að við getum endurtekið ferlið (dæmi: Ég opnaði vafra, setti inn slóð, smellti á (i) táknmynd, þá hrundi vafrinn minn)
  5. Skjámynd af vandamálinu
  6. Console logs on Tor Browser Desktop (can be opened by Ctrl+Shift+J on Windows/Linux and Cmd+Shift+J on macOS)
  7. Tor logs (Settings > Connection > Advanced > View the Tor logs)
  8. Region you’re connecting to Tor from.
  9. Region selected from Connection Assist (if it's a Connection Assist related issue)
  10. Is Tor censored in your region?
  11. If Tor did connect, how much time did it take to bootstrap? Any effects on browsing speed?

Hvernig er hægt að ná sambandi við okkur

There are several ways to reach us, so please use what works best for you.


We have several official Telegram bots and channels:

  1. @GetTor_Bot to download Tor Browser.
  2. @GetBridgesBot to get obfs4 bridges.
  3. @TorProject to get the latest news.
  4. @TorProjectSupportBot for help.
    • At the moment, the Telegram support channel is available in two languages: English and Russian.
    • If you need help with circumventing censorship, please select from the menu options which region you are connecting from as it will be easier for us to follow up.

Umræðusvæði Tor

We recommend asking for help on the Tor Forum. You will need to create a account to submit a new topic. Please review our discussion guidelines and check the existing topics before asking. At the moment, for the fastest response, please write in English. If you found a bug, please use GitLab.


You can reach our support team with a text message to our WhatsApp number: +447421000612. This service is only available for text messages; videos or calls are not supported.


You can get help by sending a text message to our Signal number: +17787431312. Signal is a free and privacy-focused messaging app. Currently, our support channel is available in English and Russian and focuses on helping Tor users in censored regions. The service is only available for text messages; videos, or calls are not supported. After sending a message, our support agents will guide you and help troubleshoot your issue.


Sendu okkur tölvupóst á

Settu í efnislínu tölvupóstsins hvað það sé sem þú sért að tilkynna. The more specific your subject line is (e.g. "Connection failure", "feedback on website", "feedback on Tor Browser, "I need a bridge"), the easier it will be for us to understand and follow up. Sometimes when we receive emails without subject lines, they're marked as spam and we don't see them.

For the fastest response, please write in English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Bangla and/or Portuguese if you can. If none of these languages works for you, please write in any language you feel comfortable with, but keep in mind it will take us a bit longer to answer as we will need help with translation to understand it.

IRC og Matrix

You can find us in the #tor channel on OFTC or Tor User Support channel on Matrix. We may not respond right away, but we do check the backlog and will get back to you when we can.

Learn how to connect to IRC / Matrix.


First, check if the bug is already known. Þú getur leitað að og skoðað öll vandamál á To create a new issue, please request a new account to access Tor Project's GitLab instance and find the right repository to report your issue. We track all Tor Browser related issues at Tor Browser issue tracker. Issues related to our websites should be filed under the Web issue tracker.