Support, feedback and bug report template

When sending us a support request, feedback or reporting a bug, please include as much information possible:

  1. Operating System you are using
  2. Tor Browser version
  3. Tor Browser Security Level
  4. Step by step of how you got to the issue, so we can reproduce it (e.g. I opened the browser, typed a url, clicked on a option in settings, then my browser crashed)
  5. A screenshot of the problem
  6. Console logs on Tor Browser Desktop (can be opened by Ctrl+Shift+J on Windows/Linux and Cmd+Shift+J on macOS)
  7. Tor logs (Settings > Connection > Advanced > View the Tor logs)
  8. Region you’re connecting to Tor from.
  9. Region selected from Connection Assist (if it's a Connection Assist related issue)
  10. Is Tor censored in your region?
  11. If Tor did connect, how much time did it take to bootstrap? Any effects on browsing speed?

How to reach us



We have several official Telegram bots and channels:

  1. @GetTor_Bot to download Tor Browser.
  2. @GetBridgesBot to get obfs4 bridges.
  3. @TorProject to get the latest news.
  4. @TorProjectSupportBot for help.
    • At the moment, the Telegram support channel is available in two languages: English and Russian.
    • If you need help with circumventing censorship, please select from the menu options which region you are connecting from as it will be easier for us to follow up.

Tor Forum

我們建議您可以在洋蔥路由論壇上發問以取得協助 您需要先建立帳號才能發文, Please review our discussion guidelines and check the existing topics before asking. 您如果希望有人能快速回覆您的問題,請以英文撰寫。 If you found a bug, please use GitLab.


You can reach our support team with a text message to our WhatsApp number: +447421000612. This service is only available for text messages; videos or calls are not supported.


You can get help by sending a text message to our Signal number: +17787431312. Signal is a free and privacy-focused messaging app. Currently, our support channel is available in English and Russian and focuses on helping Tor users in censored regions. The service is only available for text messages; videos, or calls are not supported. After sending a message, our support agents will guide you and help troubleshoot your issue.


Send us an email to

請在郵件的主旨敘明要通報什麼問題, 郵件主旨寫得清楚明確的話(例如:連線失敗、網站意見回饋、洋蔥路由瀏覽器意見回饋、請求橋接中繼站),那我們可以更容易了解和追蹤。 有時候沒有主旨的電子郵件會被標記為垃圾郵件,那就會被我們完全忽視。

For the fastest response, please write in English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Bangla and/or Portuguese if you can. 如果這幾種語言您都不熟悉的話,也請您直接以自己的語言來撰寫,但是這樣我們會需要較長的時間才能夠回覆您,因為我們會需要尋求翻譯協助才能理解您的問題。

IRC and Matrix

You can find us in the #tor channel on OFTC or Tor User Support channel on Matrix. We may not respond right away, but we do check the backlog and will get back to you when we can.

Learn how to connect to IRC / Matrix.


首先,請先確認該臭蟲是否已被提報。 您可以在上搜尋瀏覽所有已知的問題, 若要提報一個新的問題,請先索取一個新帳號以便存取洋蔥路由專案的GitLab服務,並在正確的套件庫裡通報您的錯誤, 我們都在洋蔥路由瀏覽器問題追蹤器上,追蹤所有跟洋蔥路由瀏覽器有關的問題, 若是有關於我們網站上的錯誤,請通報到網頁問題追蹤器分類裡。