Direct access to the Tor network may sometimes be blocked by your Internet Service Provider or by a government. Tor Browser includes some circumvention tools for getting around these blocks. These tools are called “pluggable transports”. See the Pluggable Transports page for more information on the types of transport that are currently available.

目前 Tor 浏览器有提供四个可插拔传输选项供您选择。


为使用可插拔传输,在您初次运行 Tor 浏览器时点击 Tor 启动器窗口中的“配置”。

您也可以在 Tor 浏览器运行时配置可插拔传输,只需点击地址栏左侧的洋葱图标,并选择“Tor 网络设置”。

选择“Tor 在我的国家受到审查”,然后点击“选择内置网桥”。点击下拉单并选择你想使用的可插拔传输。



Tor 启动器的菜单里列出的每种传输都以不同的方式在工作(参见可插拔传输以了解更多),且它们的有效性取决于你当前的网络环境。

如果你是尝试第一次绕过一个被阻断的连接,你应该尝试一下这些不同的传输:obfs4、fte,和 meek-azure。

If you try all of these options, and none of them gets you online, you will need to enter bridge addresses manually. Read the Bridges section to learn what bridges are and how to obtain them.