Direct access to the Tor network may sometimes be blocked by your Internet Service Provider or by a government. Tor Browser includes some circumvention tools for getting around these blocks. These tools are called “pluggable transports”. See the Pluggable Transports page for more information on the types of transport that are currently available.

Tor Browser saat ini memiliki empat pilihan pluggable transport untuk dipilih.


Untuk menggunakan pluggable transport, klik 'Konfigurasi' pada jendela Tor Launcher yang muncul ketika Anda pertama kali menjalankan Tor Browser.

Anda juga bisa mengatur pluggable transport saat Tor Browser sedang berjalan dengan mengklik pada ikon onion pada sebelah kiri kolom alamat, lalu pilih 'Pengaturan Jaringan Tor'.

Pilih 'Tor disensor di negara saya,' lalu klik 'Pilih sebuah built-in bridge.' Klik pada menu drop down dan pilih pluggable transport yang ingin Anda gunakan.

Klik 'OK' untuk menyimpan pengaturan Anda.


Each of the transports listed in Tor Launcher’s menu works in a different way (for more details, see the Pluggable Transports page), and their effectiveness depends on your individual circumstances.

If you are trying to circumvent a blocked connection for the first time, you should try the different transports: obfs4, fte, and meek-azure.

If you try all of these options, and none of them gets you online, you will need to enter bridge addresses manually. Read the Bridges section to learn what bridges are and how to obtain them.