About Tor Browser

Learn what Tor Browser can do to protect your privacy and anonymity


How to download Tor Browser

Running Tor Browser for the first time

Learn how to use Tor Browser for the first time

Pluggable transports

Pluggable transports are tools that Tor can use to disguise the traffic it sends out.


What to do if the Tor network is blocked


Most Pluggable Transports, such as obfs3 and obfs4, rely on the use of “bridge” relays.

Managing identities

Learn how to control personally-identifying information in Tor Browser

Onion Services

Services that are only accessible using Tor

Secure Connections

Learn how to protect your data using Tor Browser and HTTPS

Security Slider

Configuring Tor Browser for security and usability


How to update Tor Browser

Plugins, add-ons and JavaScript

How Tor Browser handles add-ons, plugins and JavaScript


What to do if Tor Browser doesn’t work


How to remove Tor Browser from your system

Known issues

Known issues

Becoming a Tor Translator

Becoming a translator for the Tor Project